Our research could not succeed without students. These early-career scientists and engineers make major contributions to the research program at LRL-PFRR. ¬† Students have conducted lidar studies, participated in rocket investigations, conducted research at collaborator’s labs, presented their work at workshops and conferences, published articles, and won prizes for their work. Student research assistants can receive support through grant funds. Student co-authors are identified in bold on the publications page.

The following graduate students have worked in the laboratory and  graduated from UAF;

Jennifer Alspach, MS, 2020
Jintai Li, PhD, 2019
Colin C. Triplett, PhD, 2016
Jintai Li, MS, 2016
Vinay Kayetha, PhD, 2015
Cameron M. Martus, MS, 2013
Brita K. Irving, MS, 2012
Brentha Thurairajah, PhD, 2009
Agatha S. Light, MS, 2009
Liguo Su, PhD, 2007
Sharma Nadakuditi, MS, 2005
Jia Yue, MS, 2004
Manasi Peshave, MS, 2004
Weiyuan Wang, MS, 2003
Tao Hou, MS, 2002
Justin Breese, MS, 2001
Laura J. Cutler, MS, 2000
Anirban Chowdhury, MS, 2000

The following undergraduate students are working/have also worked in the laboratory;
Hannah Abend, Dominic DeLucia, Scotty Gilmore, Mikayla Grunin, Elijah Kagan, Jack Kendall, Toby Kramer, Zach Krehlik, Kylie Lambries, Zachary Marlow, Jason McDonald, Jack Newell, Keith Nowicki, Mark Piedra, Anil Rao, Vikram Rao, Seth Robinson, Chris Seamount, Kate Shaefer, Timothy Stern, Pamela Stewart, Sarah Thomas.

Iluminating the Arctic atmosphere with lasers